2020 Bylaw Vote


This year, the Stearns Electric Association Board of Directors is asking its members to approve proposed amendments to the Cooperative’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

As a not-for-profit electric cooperative, Stearns Electric is governed by a series of documents, including Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, that were first established when the Cooperative was founded in 1937. These important documents provide a framework for governing and conducting business. As time passes, the energy industry changes, technology advances, and member needs and expectations grow, it is important to periodically review and amend the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws in order to remain relevant and effective.

Over the last year, a committee including three Board members, Stearns Electric staff, an attorney and a third-party communication consultant, conducted a review of the Cooperative’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. After reviewing these documents line by line and comparing them to Cooperative business procedures, future needs, and industry advancements, they identified and suggested necessary alterations. These suggested changes were then reviewed and discussed with the full Stearns Electric Board of Directors.

While the proposed amendments have been approved by the current Board of Directors, they cannot be placed into effect without approval by a majority vote of the members that participate in the voting process. This membership vote will take place in conjunction with the Director elections and Annual Meeting on April 2, 2020. All members will receive their ballot package in March.

Review the proposed amendments before the official election takes place. We have also created two frequently asked questions documents to help our members understand the proposed changes. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the proposed amendments, please call our office during regular business hours at (800) 962-0655.

Redlined Copy of Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

General – Frequently Asked Questions

Proposed Amendments – Frequently Asked Questions