Electrifying Your Lawn Care

May 26, 2021

Electricity is starting to power more than just the vehicles that get you to and from your daily destinations; it’s also being used to replace the gas you normally fill your lawn mower with.

When it comes time to buying a lawn mower, there are several reasons to opt for an electric version as opposed to a gas-powered option. Not only are battery-powered lawn mowers more environmentally friendly, but they require less maintenance and are quieter during operation.

If you decide an electric lawn mower is right for you, there are still a few choices you need to make. You will want to consider:

  • What style of lawn mower best meets your needs: self-propelled, push or ride-on
  • Whether you want a corded or cordless model
  • How big your lawn is
  • How much runtime you’ll need

Electric push mowers tend to weigh much less than their gas-powered counterparts, making them easier to transport and use. Another advantage is their push-button start. Not having to deal with a pull-cord, an engine that is reluctant to turn over, or gas that had simply gone bad are driving factors behind many first electric mower purchases. Electric lawn mowers are also quieter and do not pollute.

There are corded and battery-powered push models available. Corded mowers are suitable for smaller yards because you will need to use an extension cord to run the mower, while battery-powered models are more versatile. If you have a large yard or an incline, keeping two sets of batteries charged and ready is advised.

Need a riding lawn mower? Several new all-electric ride on mowers entered the market in the past few years. Benefits of these mowers include:

  • Less yearly maintenance costs. You can forget about changing the oil, oil filter, spark plugs, belts and air filters. Just change/sharpen the mower blades and check the tire pressure as needed.
  • Less expensive to operate. Filling your tank with electricity versus gas or diesel will save you fuel costs. According to the Electric Mower Report, a half-acre lawn mowed with a gas-powered lawn mower will cost approximately $1.50/half acre mowed, while an electric lawn mower will cost $0.10 per half acre mowed. Yearly costs, if you mow approximately 20 times, translates to $31.50 for gas and $2.10 for electric.
  • Less expensive to own. An electric riding mower powered by Lithium-Ion batteries and brushless motors will pay for itself and save you money over the life of the mower compared to a gas-powered one.
  • Quieter to operate:You can mow without the deafening roar of a lawn tractor engine. Mow your lawn in the early or late hours of the day with no worry of your neighbors complaining.

Electric models may be more expensive upfront, but they require less upkeep, maintenance costs, electricity and fuel costs, while also being environmentally friendly and much easier to use. When you take in all factors, electric lawn mowers on average will result in a 35% savings over gas-powered mowers.


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