Energywise® Rebates

There are a variety of rebates and special rates available when you enroll in an EnergyWise program.

The following list gives information on the program as well as the savings you can expect. To enroll in one of these programs, please contact the Stearns Electric EnergyWise Team.

Irrigation System (Farm)Rate/Cost
Energy Charge7.15 ¢ kWh
Annual Fixed Charge$350 per year
Monthly Demand Charge (uncontrolled)$13 kW
Interruptible Demand Charge (controlled)$4 kW

Systems installed with a 10 horsepower or larger pump are required to participate in this program for a minimum of one irrigation season. Interruption of system is not more than (1) 5 hour period within a 24 hour day. Systems re-energized by 9:00 p.m.


Each program is listed here. Please view corresponding numbers below for more information regarding each program.

1. Dual Fuel Heating ProgramEnergyWise Rate $200 Rebate
2. Storage Space Heating ProgramEnergyWise Rate $50 per kW Rebate (5kW min)
3. Ground Source Heat PumpEnergyWise Rate $150 Per Ton Rebate – 10 Ton Maximum
4. Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) Rebate$25 Rebate
5. ASHP Quality Installation RebateSEER 14.5 $550 Rebate
SEER 15 $650 Rebate
SEER 16+ $700 Rebate
6. Stored Water Heating Program$7.50 Monthly Bill Credit or EnergyWise Rate
7. Peak Shave Water Heating Program$5 Monthly Bill Credit or EnergyWise Rate
8. New Marathon or HTP Water Heater Rebates85 gal. or larger $300 Rebate
50 gal. $100 Rebate
9. Electric Water Heater Rebates$100 Rebate
10. Heat Pump Water Heater$300 for Contractor/Member Supplied Water Heater.
11. In-Home Electric Vehicle Charger$500
  1. Electric heat could be Baseboards, Cove Heaters, Fan Forced Units, Boiler, Furnace, Plenum Heater or In-Floor. The Dual Fuel Heating Program requires a full size backup heating system. There must be a minimum of 9 kW electric heat installed to qualify for this program.
  2. Room Storage, Slab Storage, or Central Furnace. Room Storage and Slab Storage require a back-up heating system. There must be a minimum of 5 kW electric heat installed to qualify for this program.
  3. Must be enrolled on Dual Fuel Program. Must be enrolled on Cycled A/C Program. This program requires a full size backup heating system Rebate Form.
  4. Part of new HVAC system or a new ECM replacement on an existing HVAC system Rebate Form.
  5. Air Source Heat Pump. Must be installed by a registered contractor. Must be on Dual Fuel Heating and Cycled Air Conditioning Programs. See list of registered contractors.
  6. See Water Heater Rebates below. Must be in combination with Dual Fuel Program to receive EnergyWise rate instead of monthly credit.
  7. Must be in combination with Dual Fuel Program to receive EnergyWise rate instead of monthly credit.
  8. Must be purchased from Stearns Electric. Must be enrolled on Stored Water Program for 85 gal. or larger $300 Rebate. Must be enrolled on Peak Shave Program for 50 gal. $100 Rebate.
  9. Contractor or member supplied. Must be enrolled on Stored Water Program of Peak Shave Program. Receipt required.
  10. These water heaters are not required to participate in a program but are eligible to enroll in the EnergyWise Stored Water Program or Peak Shave Program with an adequately sized water heater. Rebate Form. Receipt required.
    Federal tax credit for purchase may apply.
  11. Electric Vehicle Charger must be enrolled on the ChargeWise Program.

*A Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) reflecting increased wholesale power costs may apply to all rates.

Additional information:

  • Member is responsible for all installation costs and the costs of equipment not furnished by Stearns Electric unless so stated.
  • Stearns Electric will provide the radio receiver, current transformer (CT) meter socket, meter and the current transformer enclosure.
  • A Stearns Electric technician must check out your system and determine your equipment is installed properly for our programs before the EnergyWise meter will be installed and you begin to receive the reduced EnergyWise rate.
  • Member must sign and return the EnergyWise Agreement before the technician’s appointment is scheduled.
Generator BackupRate/Cost
Metered - Small Commercial/Agriculture (Single Phase Systems)7.65 ¢ kWh
$40 monthly fixed charge
Metered (Three Phase Systems)5.13 ¢ kWh
$5.75 kW monthly peak demand
$26.25 kW monthly coincident demand
$65 monthly fixed charge