Manager’s Message – July 2019

Aligning for the Future

Your Stearns Electric Association board of directors and management team conduct strategic planning at a minimum every three years. During strategic planning we set our priorities for Stearns Electric’s corporate goals. At this year’s strategic planning session we also updated our mission and vision statement(s).

The updated mission statement for Stearns Electric is:
“To safely provide competitively priced and reliable electric service, beneficial energy solutions and a positive member experience”.
Our updated vision statement is:
“Stearns Electric Association is a critical asset to our members and our communities.”

Our responsibility as directors and leaders of your electric cooperative is to position our organization to be successful, and sustainable, into the future. The main reason that we conduct regular strategic planning is so that we have a good understanding of what the future holds for Stearns Electric and adapt to that future. One of our strategic priorities is to be sure that our organization structure effectively supports our future business goals. Also, to make sure that our workforce plan is appropriate for our future needs.

With that said, Stearns Electric has developed an updated organizational structure that will improve member experience, and position Stearns Electric to be successful for years to come. Stearns Electric leadership began working on this process last fall, prior to our strategic planning session in February 2019. We focused on organizing around these strategic areas:

• Member-Consumer Service
• Financial Strength
• Electrical System Reliability
• Safety
• Wholesale Power Cost

Our strategic planning exercise earlier this year confirmed that we needed to design our organization around these key areas for the best results. Over the last few weeks new organization alignment has been implemented at the Cooperative.

Our new organization structure consists of two divisions, Engineering and Operations, and Administration and Finance. Matt O’Shea has been promoted to Vice President of Engineering and Operations and Vicky Herkenhoff has been promoted to Vice President of Administration and Finance to lead their respective divisions. In addition, departments and many other employees have been realigned under these divisions.

While it will take time for this transition to take its full affect and properly cross-train employees, this new organization design will allow us to more efficiently meet and exceed our Stearns Electric strategic goals. In the energy business, one thing is certain: the industry is constantly changing. Now, Stearns Electric is prepared to tackle changes that comes our way.


Robin C. Doege
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)