Members have clean energy options

June 16, 2020

You want to add more renewable energy? So do we. Working with Stearns Electric Association can help you achieve your clean energy goals.

Great River Energy (GRE), Stearns Electric’s power provider, continues to add renewable energy to its overall power supply, and has several options to help increase the renewable energy that serves your home or business.

Your existing renewable energy

GRE is currently 30% renewable and on track to reach 50% renewables by 2030. The generation and transmission facility recently announced it is 1,100 MW of wind energy to its energy portfolio by the end of 2023. Most of the wind energy projects will be based right in Minnesota.

Additionally, Stearns Electric offers members the opportunity to participate in programs such as Wellspring that provide members with additional wind energy. You can learn more here.

 Subscribe to SolarWise

SolarWise is a community-based solar array designed to make it easy and affordable for our members to support an alternative, environmentally-friendly energy option.

Become a part of the SolarWise Community by purchasing the output of one or more solar panels located in the community solar array at Stearns Electric ‘s St. Joseph Branch Office. The energy produced from this project helps supply energy to our distribution system. While the energy created doesn’t directly power your home, you will receive a credit on your energy bill based on the output of the system. Learn more.

Install your own solar or wind

With the increasing popularity of renewable energy, many members want to learn more about installing their own solar or wind generation system as a way to save money and protect the environment

Stearns Electric will help you to interconnect your own electric generation equipment with our system. We follow the Minnesota statewide standards for interconnection. Learn more.