Stearns Electric Association has updated the current online bill payment system (e-bill) to a new, easy-to-use system called SmartHub. With SmartHub, the power of data is in your hands through convenient account management and detailed usage information. SmartHub is a mobile and web application that delivers accurate, timely account information and allows you to make payments in a secure environment, right from your mobile device or on your computer.


The Advantages of SmartHub

With SmartHub, you can:

  • make a payment                                                            
  • check your electric usage
  • notify Stearns Electric of account issues
  • receive email or text alerts
  • communicate directly with the cooperative
  • report your power outage


SmartHub is easy to navigate. It’s simple and quick to make a payment or view your bill. You can compare bills and find out what day of the week you typically use the most electricity. You can also choose to receive an email or text alert when a payment is due or other account activity occurs.

Members with smartphones or tablet devices can download the free SmartHub app.

Get the App for iphone
Get the App for android


How To Get Started

Directions to Create a SmartHub Account.pdficon_small.png .txt 

Directions to Migrate your eBill account to SmartHub. pdficon_small.png .txt

Directions to Make a One Time Payment on SmartHub.pdficon_small.png  .txt

Directions to Setup AutoPay on SmartHub.pdficon_small.png  .txt

Directions to Change/Update AutoPay Information on SmartHub.pdficon_small.png   .txt

Directions to Go Paperless on SmartHub.pdficon_small.png  .txt