Use the form below to update your contact information by December 31, 2018 to be entered in a drawing for one of three VISA gift cards valued at $300, $100 and $100 respectively.* 

Help us, help you by taking the time to ensure we have your contact information up to date. 

As people shift away from land lines and move to cellular telephones, we are finding that we don’t have current telephone numbers on file. In addition more and more of you want to communicate with us on-line through e-mail. 


To help keep the lines of communication open, we’re asking that you take a couple of minutes to update the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses we have on file for you are accurate. This allows us to utilize multiple methods of communication to ensure you stay informed. 


First and foremost updating all your contact information is helpful because it allows the Cooperative to contact you regarding your account if there is a need. 


Updating your contact information is also helpful because it speeds up the power restoration process. At Stearns Electric we use the phone numbers you provide to link your service address to our outage management system. For example, if you call us to report an outage, our dispatchers will use your phone number to pull up your account information to enter an outage into our outage management system. 


If you have a cell phone, you can also link an app on your phone to your account to report your outage with the press of a button. After hours when the phone lines are busy our automated system kicks in and instantly recognizes your phone number and can determine the particular service address from which you are reporting an outage. But remember – this only works if your current phone number (especially your cell phone number) is linked to your service address. 


Update Your Contact Information Today!

You will need your account number or invoice group number located in the top right corner of your bill statement to complete this form. (If you need help locating this information, click here for details.)


NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Begins 10/1/18 and ends on 12/31/18. Must be legal U.S. resident and 18+. Void where prohibited or restricted. See Official Rules.