Peak Shave Water Heating





The Peak Shave Water Heating Program is designed to reduce demand on the electrical system on days of high demand and high wholesale energy prices and system emergencies ulitmately helping to keep energy rates low. Water heaters enrolled on this program are only controlled for up to 8 hours on peak days. Water heaters on this program must have sufficient storage capacity to supply hot water over a peak period.



  • Must have a 90% efficient 50 gal. or larger water heater.
  • $5.00 Peak Shave Monthly Credit
  • Rebates available for new water heaters.



If you sign up for the EnergyWise Dual Fuel program in addition to Peak Shave Water Heating, instead of a monthly credit you are eligible to recieve your electric for water heating and electric heat at the EnergyWise rate of 5.4 cents per kWh.


For Questions or to Sign Up Contact:

Stearns Electric EnergyWise Team

Phone: (320) 363-4630 or Toll-free: (800) 448-1737

Fax: (320) 363-4631