Tree Planting

therighttree-brochurecover.jpgThere are many potential benefits of planting trees— environmental, economic and social. However, trees that are poorly located can create problems in communities.


Trees growing into high-voltage power lines cause power outages and downed lines in storms, endangering the lives of people who live, work or play nearby. Trimming trees away from power lines can help, but severely trimmed trees are, at best, unsightly. At worst, they become unhealthy hazardous trees that need to be removed.


Trees can also interfere with under- ground utility lines, scrape the sides of houses or cars, interfere with pedestrians, drop fruit into neighbors’ yards, block signage and cause sidewalks to heave or break.


All of these potential problems can easily be avoided by planting the right tree in the right location!

Learn more about selecting and siting the proper tree in the The Right Tree Brochurepdficon_small.png