Irrigation System

The Interruptible Farm Irrigation Program helps reduce the electric load during times of peak demand. Participating members allow their irrigation system to be shut down in the afternoon/early evening on days that there is a large demand for energy. This is normally from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. The system is controlled only one time in a 24-hour period and will be re-energized by 9 p.m. any time there is a control.


Any member of Stearns Electric Association adding a new irrigation system with a 10 horsepower pump or larger is required to participate in our Interruptible Irrigation Program for a minimum of one irrigation season.


  • Participating members receive a discount on the energy rate and demand charge for the controlled irrigation system.
  • When a new system goes on this program, the member has their electrician install a Demand Response Unit (radio receiver) on their irrigation system. The Demand Response Unit (receiver) is provided by Stearns Electric at no charge.
  • Once installed, a trained service technician from Stearns Electric will check the installation making sure the Demand Response Unit (radio receiver) works and shuts down the pivot.
Irrigation System (Farm)Rate/Cost
Energy Charge7.15 ¢ kWh
Annual Fixed Charge$350 per year
Monthly Demand Charge (uncontrolled)$13 kW
Interruptible Demand Charge (controlled)$4 kW

Systems installed with a 10 horsepower or larger pump are required to participate in this program for a minimum of one irrigation season. Interruption of system is not more than (1) 5 hour period within a 24 hour day. Systems re-energized by 9:00 p.m.



Call our Energy Services Department during business hours at (800) 962-0655.