Storage Heating

Keep every room warm and cozy with storage heating from Stearns Electric Association

This EnergyWise Storage Home Heating Program helps conserve energy by charging your electric heating system during off-peak hours when electric costs are lowest. Each day, your heating system charges then distributes heat in your home all day. Each eligible storage heat option below offers 100% efficient heating at the EnergyWise rate.


6 a.m. to 10 p.m.


  • Room storage heaters can be easily installed in remodeling projects at existing homes or businesses.
  • The heater uses Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) technology to convert electricity to heat.
  • A quiet fan circulates heat from the bricks within the heater to heat the room.
  • Each heater is individually controlled so you can adjust the temperature of each room.


  • This heating method uses the concrete floor of a building as a radiant heat source. Slab storage heating has been recognized as one of the most comfortable forms of heating.
  • A slab storage heating system combines the comfort of radiant heat with the cleanliness and consistency of electricity, converting electrical energy into heat and storing it in a reservoir of radiant warmth.
  • This system is designed to heat industrial, commercial and residential structures.
  • Electric mats or electric cables are installed into sand 8”-12” below the concrete slab. The cables use the earth as a reservoir to store heat that will later radiate up into the structure and heat your facility.


  • A furnace storage heater uses the same principles as a room storage heater: ceramic bricks are heated at night while you sleep (10 p.m. to 6 a.m. each day).
  • This type of unit comes in different models depending on which type of heat you would like in your home.

1. Fan Forced System: This furnace operates like a standard forced air furnace and can even have an air conditioner or heat pump installed with it.

2. Combination of Hydronic System and Fan Forced System: This unit can heat water for in-floor heat like a boiler. It also can heat air like a forced air system, all with one unit.

* These storage heating units also qualify as a heating system back up for the EnergyWise Dual Fuel program.

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