Load Control

View control times for Stearns Electric’s EnergyWise programs.

Control times are subject to change as weather conditions and/or other variables affecting the load change.

Please read though our Load Control Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.


The radio receiver on your home has six indicated lights.

View the radio receiver diagram for Residential EnergyWise Programs.

View the radio receiver diagram for Commercial EnergyWise Programs.


In 2021, Stearns Electric Association began a 5-year plan to changeout aging load management receivers with new Aclara demand response units (DRUs). In summer 2022, our electricians began changing out residential DRUs. This only impacts member-consumers who are enrolled in a load management program (i.e. dual fuel, storage water heating, cycled air conditioning and/or electric vehicle charging). Impacted members will receive more communication by mail before work begins.

This project will provide the Co-op the ability to adapt to future load controlling opportunities and strategies, and maintain affordable load management rates. We plan to use Cooperative employees who hold master and journeyworker electrician licenses, which help keep costs down.

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