Security Light

If you're looking for an easy and inexpensive way to protect your home, security lighting can do just that.


For a small monthly fee, Stearns Electric Association will install an outdoor, pole-mounted security light for members upon request as long as the area to be lit has overhead electric service. ( Please note: Security lights are not available in areas fed by underground utilities.)


Our security lighting fixtures operate automatically from dusk to dawn to help prevent vandalism, burglaries and other crimes, even while you're away. They also make play areas safer for children and let you stay outside longer to enjoy outdoor activities.


Our security light program is $6.75 per month (about 23 cents a day) and includes installation of the security light, cost of the electricity, and maintenance of the light, including bulb and light replacement.


To sign up for security light service, complete and submit the form below.


For Questions Contact:

Stearns Electric Engineering/Operations Coordinator

Phone: (320) 256-4241 or Toll-free: (800) 962-0655

Fax: (320) 256-3618