The Co-op in Your Pocket

Battery-powered devices allow members to benefit from electric service away from home

August 19, 2020

Your Stearns Electric Association membership provides all the comforts of home that come from electric service: cooking, entertainment, hot water and air conditioning. Your Cooperative also provides the means to charge all your devices for when you leave the house.

Keeping those batteries charged is a remarkable value. According to the Electric Power Research Institute, charging a smart phone for an entire year costs around 40 cents. If you use a tablet, the cost rises to just $1.50 for a year of charging.

Cooperative members are also adopting battery-powered models of tools traditionally powered by gas, such as lawnmowers, chainsaws and even all-terrain vehicles.

The technology has been improving over decades. Today’s battery-powered devices offer great performance and lower operating costs.

A growing number of members are driving electric as well. Compared to gasoline and diesel models, electric vehicles (EVs) can shave 50-70% off your annual transportation fuel expenses, and they require far less maintenance. Several of the top selling EV models available in Minnesota can travel 200-300 miles on a full charge, well beyond the average American’s daily round-trip commute of 30 miles.

You can learn more information about all types of electric devices by visiting

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