Board and Bylaws

Stearns Electric Association is led by consumers like you who understand and listen to the community.

Stearns Electric is a democratically-controlled business, meaning the Cooperative is governed by local people, just like you and elected by you. With members in charge, you can feel confident that Board decisions are made in the best interest of you and your community.

The Stearns Electric Board of Directors consists of nine member-consumers, one to represent each of the Cooperative’s nine districts, who are elected to serve for three year terms. Nominations for director candidates open each December followed by elections each spring which conclude at the Annual Meeting.

Stearns Electric’s articles of incorporation and bylaws provide the framework for governing and conducting business at the Cooperative with information on membership, board of director elections, capital credits and more.


Board meetings are typically held on the last Thursday of each month. All Stearns Electric members are welcome to attend monthly board meetings. If you wish to attend a board meeting, please call the Cooperative prior to the meeting, and we will confirm the meeting date and time, and make sure arrangements are made for someone to meet you and accompany you to the board room.

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