Northern Cooperative Foundation Scholarship applications are available through Stearns Electric Association. Scholarships will be awarded to students from the four state area of Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota who are seniors in or a graduate of high school who show potential for significant cooperative organizations.

Applicants must be a member of a cooperative, be enrolled full-time at an institution of higher learning and will take courses in business or economics that study the principles of cooperatives. If such a course is not offered at the student’s higher learning institution, the applicant must submit a letter agreeing to take such a course at another institution.


Download the Northern Cooperative Foundation Scholarship application here.


Those interested in applying must submit their application and three letters of reference, including one from your local cooperative, to the address on the application by February 1.

For Questions or to Request a Letter of Recommendation from Stearns Electric Association, Contact:

Michelle Christiansen: Stearns Electric Scholarship Coordinator

Phone: (800) 962-0655

Fax: (320) 363-4631