Cooperative Videos

Face of Safety: Job Briefings

Job briefings are completed by field crews before they start any job or project to ensure all employees are ready for the task at hand and are fully prepared to keep each other safe.

Face of Safety: Field Employee Safety Trainings

Field Employee Safety Trainings are completed by Stearns Electric’s employees who work in the field in partnership with various external organizations. Employees not only learn the latest skills and technology, but also maintain their long-standing safety practices with specific annually required trainings.

Face of Safety: Circle Check Vehicle Inspections

Circle Check vehicle inspections are completed by employees every time they get into Co-op vehicle. This inspection not only ensures that the vehicle is in safe working condition, but also allows employees to be aware of any potential hazards ahead of operating the vehicle. We are ALL the face of safety!

Face of Safety: Department Safety & Safety Committee Meetings

Department Safety Meetings and Safety Committee Meetings are an important piece of our safety culture at Stearns Electric that include all employees. Discussions, annual safety goals and trainings encourage employees to share and use safety best practices that extend far beyond the office walls. We are ALL the face of safety!

Face of Safety: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is imperative to keep our crews safe while they work. We follow strict protocols and safety standards to make sure our PPE is always in proper working order. We are ALL the face of safety!

Face of Safety: Energy Education

Energy Education is an impactful way for us to share important safety lessons with nearly 1,800 students every year, which they can in turn share with their families. We are ALL the face of safety!

Powering You Through

Stearns Electric provides the power to get through each day, addressing outages quickly, easily and efficiently.

The Cooperative Difference

The power of many, working together. A Co-op of members who have a voice in the way we serve our communities.

Energy Smart

We’re committed to helping our members use energy safely and wisely. We provide reliable energy at competitive rates.

Community Focused

We don’t only work here, we live here, and that’s why giving back is one of the most rewarding things we do.