Vegetation Management

Clearing Right-of-Way is critical to keeping our members’ lights on. Right-of-Way (ROW) refers to a strip of land underneath or around power lines that electric utilities have the right and responsibility to keep clear.

In 2021, Stearns Electric hired arborist, Erica to manage over 2,600 miles of power lines and analyze the ROW needs for our distribution system. Arranging work for Carr’s Tree Service we work on a four-year ROW tree and brush clearing project to help reduce potential power outages and energy hazards. Erica marks the problem trees and Carr’s Tree Service, a subsidiary of Stearns Electric Association, clears the ROW.

In 2020, the first four-year cycle was completed. Since 2016, we have seen a 62.4% decrease in tree-related outages for members. In 2021, we started our second rotation and plan to stay aggressive with keeping the lines clear and with identifying potentially dangerous trees for removal.

For more information on the ROW program, please contact us at (800) 962-0655 or email our arborist.