Energy Education Classroom Program


Each winter, as part of Stearns Electric Association’s commitment to safety and community, the Cooperative presents a one-hour Energy Education Program to 4th grade classrooms throughout our service territory. Our creative and award-winning program is designed to teach children about electricity, saving energy and the potential dangers of electricity.

Students get to see and touch some of the safety equipment used by electrical line workers. They also get a close-up look at various conductors and components of the electrical distribution system to learn how the distribution system operates. Students will also learn the importance of taking simple energy conservation steps, like turning off lights in unoccupied rooms. The highlight of the demonstration is a “live” electric home and farm model where students are shown the potential dangers of electricity and what to do in case of contact with a power line. The program’s message is reinforced with handouts given to each student to take home and share with their families.



Stearns Electric Association is pleased to offer your school its award-winning Energy Education Program. Over the years, thousands of fourth-graders have enjoyed and learned from this program. We are excited to visit your school!

Providing this safety demonstration in our community is a great way for youth to learn valuable information that may save a life. The presentation is provided in January and February and there is no charge to participating schools. If you would like to schedule a presentation for your classroom, please complete and submit the form below. (Please note that completing the form does not guarantee a presentation in your school. We will do our best to accommodate all schools requesting a presentation into the schedule as time and resources are available.)

We also encourage you to incorporate this presentation into your annual classroom lesson on energy. If you are interested, resources to help develop curriculum can be found at:

Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program
Energy Kids U.S. Energy Information Administration




Completing the form below does not confirm or guarantee a presentation. The Stearns Electric Association Education Coordinator will contact you with details upon completing this form.

Energy Education Program Request Form