Board Members

The Stearns Electric Board of Directors consists of nine member-owners, one to represent each of the Cooperative’s nine districts, who are elected to serve for three-year terms.


District 1: Greg Blaine
Serving Minnesota townships: Scandia-Valley, Cushing, Clough, Parker, Darling, Green Prairie, Culdrum, Pike Creek, Swanville, Swan River, Elmdale and Two Rivers in Morrison County.


District 2: Arlyn Lawrenz
Serving Minnesota townships: Holding, Brockway, St. Wendel and LeSauk in Stearns County.


District 3: Michael Cramer – Secretary/Treasurer
Serving Minnesota townships: Waite Park, St. Cloud, St. Augusta, Lynden, and Fairhaven in Stearns County.


District 4: Randy Rothstein – Vice President
Serving Minnesota townships: Farming, Zion, Munson, Paynesville, Eden Lake, and Luxemburg in Stearns County.


District 5: Jeff Koehler
Serving Minnesota townships: Bangor, Glenwood and Grove Lake in Pope County; Raymond, Getty, Grove, North Fork, Lake George, Spring Hill, St. Martin, Crow Lake, Crow River and Lake Henry in Stearns County; and Roseville Township in Kandiyohi County.


District 6: Bob Niehaus
Serving Minnesota townships: Millwood, Krain, Oak, Albany, Avon and Collegeville in Stearns County.


District 7: Lawrence “Lonnie” Iverson
Serving Minnesota townships: Turtle Creek, Little Elk, Leslie, Reynolds, Long Prairie, Bruce, Gordon, Little Sauk, Round Prairie, Burnhamville, West Union and Grey Eagle in Todd County; and Orange Township in Douglas County.


District 8: Eric Peterson – President
Serving Minnesota townships: Kandota and Birchdale Townships in Todd County; Westport Township in Pope County; Ashley, Sauk Centre and Melrose in Stearns County.


District 9: Jerome “Jerry” Fries
Serving Minnesota townships: St. Joseph, Wakefield, Rockville and Maine Prairie in Stearns County.