Board Members

The Stearns Electric Board of Directors consists of nine member-owners, one to represent each of the Cooperative’s nine districts, who are elected to serve for three-year terms.


District 1: Greg Blaine
Serving Minnesota townships: Scandia-Valley, Cushing, Clough, Parker, Darling, Green Prairie, Culdrum, Pike Creek, Swanville, Swan River, Elmdale and Two Rivers in Morrison County.


District 2: Arlyn Lawrenz
Serving Minnesota townships: Holding, Brockway, St. Wendel and LeSauk in Stearns County.


District 3: Michael Cramer – Secretary/Treasurer
Serving Minnesota townships: Waite Park, St. Cloud, St. Augusta, Lynden, and Fairhaven in Stearns County.


District 4: Randy Rothstein – Vice President
Serving Minnesota townships: Farming, Zion, Munson, Paynesville, Eden Lake, and Luxemburg in Stearns County.


District 5: Jeff Koehler
Serving Minnesota townships: Bangor, Glenwood and Grove Lake in Pope County; Raymond, Getty, Grove, North Fork, Lake George, Spring Hill, St. Martin, Crow Lake, Crow River and Lake Henry in Stearns County; and Roseville Township in Kandiyohi County.


District 6: Bob Niehaus
Serving Minnesota townships: Millwood, Krain, Oak, Albany, Avon and Collegeville in Stearns County.


District 7: Scott Dirkes
Serving Minnesota townships: Turtle Creek, Little Elk, Leslie, Reynolds, Long Prairie, Bruce, Gordon, Little Sauk, Round Prairie, Burnhamville, West Union and Grey Eagle in Todd County; and Orange Township in Douglas County.


District 8: Eric Peterson – President
Serving Minnesota townships: Kandota and Birchdale Townships in Todd County; Westport Township in Pope County; Ashley, Sauk Centre and Melrose in Stearns County.


District 9: Jerome “Jerry” Fries
Serving Minnesota townships: St. Joseph, Wakefield, Rockville and Maine Prairie in Stearns County.


If you would like to contact your district director directly, please reach out to Chelsea Christen, executive assistant, by email or at (800) 962-0655.