member driven.
community focused.
energy smart.


Stearns Electric Association offers many ways to pay your bill, each of which accepts more than one method of payment. We try to provide as many options as we can, so you can focus on what works best for you.

  • Payment Options

    Stearns Electric Association provides convenient billing options that make paying your bill as easy and convenient as possible.

  • Understanding My Bill

    We want to make sure you have a clear understanding of everything that’s included on your monthly bill.

  • Rates

    As a not-for-profit cooperative, our rates are designed simply to cover the costs of wholesale power, transmission and distribution related costs plus provide adequate margin.

  • Disconnection Policies

    The State of Minnesota provides protection against utility disconnection for certain members of the community.

  • Financial Assistance

    If you are experiencing financial hardship, we will try to work with you as much as possible.

  • Tax Exemption

    If you use electricity to heat your home, you may qualify for a Minnesota sales tax exemption.

  • Member Privacy

    Stearns Electric Association protects its members’ privacy in accordance with all regulatory and legal requirements.

  • Home Energy Savings

    The first step in reducing home energy costs is to review last year’s utility bills.

  • Home Energy Savings

    Heating your home to higher than 68° in the winter or cooling it below 78° in the summer costs more.