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Stearns Electric Association has a strong reliability record. However, there are many reasons why even the best utilities experience outages. Storms producing trees that have fallen on overhead lines, vehicle accidents and squirrels pose the most common challenges.

  • Report a Power Outage

    Did you know the easiest way to report your outage is as simple as pressing a button on your smartphone or tablet? Download the SmartHub app today so you're prepared for a power outage!

  • View Current Outage

    In the event of a power outage, use our map to view the current outages in the Stearns Electric Association service territory.

  • Prepare for Power Outage

    There are many reasons why even the best utilities experience outages, make sure your family is prepared.

  • Restoring Power

    Have you ever wondered what steps are taken to restore power after an outage? Stearns Electric Association's first priority is public safety.

  • Street Light Outage

    Please fill out our form to report a street light outage. Please complete the contact information in the event we have additional questions or comments.

  • Outage Tip

    Update the phone number and e-mail address on your Stearns Electric account so you can be served faster in the event of an outage.