New Construction Service



Stearns Electric Association takes pride in providing superior service. We make getting the service you need as easy, quick and convenient as possible. Are you working on a new construction project in Stearns Electric’s service territory? Our online application makes requesting a new service simple and convenient.

To initiate your new construction service, follow the steps below:

  • Read through Stearns Electric’s Conditions of Service.
  • Submit completed New Construction Service Application.
  • Provide the name and contact information of your electrician.
  • Attach a site plan with your application that indicates the location of the structure, sewer, well, driveway and where you would prefer the meter to be located.
  • If you do not have a site plan, please review and complete the typical Meter Socket Locations (which explains requirements for meter sockets, conduit, and disconnects).
  • For commercial accounts, please complete a W9 form in addition to the New Service Application.
  • If you are interested in learning more about any of our money and energy-saving solutions, visit our Save Money and Energy page or contact our Energy Service Department.
  • Once all the steps are completed, Stearns Electric will contact you to schedule an appointment with one of our design engineers to measure footage, mark the route and equipment location, calculate charges and determine if any permits or easements are required.

After the site visit, the following must be completed before construction of your new service is scheduled:

  • All grading must be within four inches of final grade and the line extension route must be clear of obstructions. Construction will be postponed if grading or obstruction issues are encountered during a scheduled installation.
  • All charges must be paid in full, all permits and easements must be received (if required), and all other Stearns Electric requirements completed before your new service or service upgrade is released for construction.

Prior to scheduling the installation of a meter, the following must be completed:

  • A request for electrical inspection (i.e. electrical permit) must be submitted.
  • Depending on the project location, the person responsible for the electrical work (typically an electrical contractor) shall apply for an electrical permit with either the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (State) or with the local city or township. To verify the local electrical inspection authority for your project’s location, reference the Electrical Inspector Directories page on the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry’s website.
  • A copy of the electrical permit must be provided to Stearns Electric. In cases where the State has electrical inspection authority a permit number may be provided in lieu of a copy of the electrical permit.
  • The member-owned meter socket must be installed on the exterior of the building, or on a post or panel away from the building.
  • For homeowners performing their own electrical work, refer to the Self-Wiring Requirements section below.


Services where new electrical work is performed by the homeowner, and not a State of Minnesota licensed electrical contractor, require that a rough-in or final inspection be completed by the licensed electrical inspector having jurisdiction authority for the project location. Installation of the meter socket along with verification of rough-in or final inspection approval shall be provided to the Cooperative prior to scheduling the installation of the meter. Visit the Electrical Permits – Homeowners page on the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry’s website for additional information.



  • Stearns Electric design engineers will design the new electrical service, determine the location of facilities and estimated construction costs. Estimates depend upon location of existing distribution facilities, location of any current buildings on the property and the design decision of overhead or underground facilities. Charges for new power line construction are outlined here.
  • Please be sure to keep us informed of any design or scheduling changes. Keep in mind, any changes may result in additional costs and/or delays.

Contact our E&O Support Team if you have any questions about applying for new construction service or have questions about your current new construction project.