Quality Install Program

Quality Installation Certification: Let more business find you.

When you’re Quality Install certified, you know that you are making energy efficiency a priority.

The benefits of being a certified Quality Installation contractor are:

  • Your customers have access to our Cooperative’s residential energy-efficiency rebates.
  • Future advertising about the benefits of Quality Installations can help you build your business.
  • Inclusion on our trade partner list available to all members in our service territory.

Be everything your customers are looking for… and then some.

As you already know, quality counts. Since 2006, the Quality Installation certification program has supported your commitment to install equipment correctly to gain energy efficiencies. Here are the facts:

  • Improper installations can reduce system efficiency by 30%.
  • Unfortunately, more than half of new HVAC systems in U.S. homes do not perform to their rated efficiency as a result of improper installation.
  • Quality Installations assure proper sizing of equipment, duct sealing, airflow optimization and proper refrigerant charge.
  • Non-quality installations can mean insufficient dehumidification, poor air circulation, and costly callbacks.


Important Information

If your business is not registered with the Quality Installation program, your customers will not receive the EnergyWise rebates available through Stearns Electric Association for Air Conditioners and Air Source Heat Pumps.

Get Certified

If you’re interested in becoming certified to perform Quality Installs, follow the simple steps outlined below. The online pre-certification assessment will evaluate your level of understanding of proper installation procedures that preserve energy ratings. If you’d like to prepare for the assessment, study materials are available on the same website.

The pre-certification assessment consists of 50 multiple-choice questions, takes approximately 45–60 minutes to complete, and requires a score of at least 75% to pass.

Free Assessment

The first assessment is free if you select Stearns Electric Association from the cooperative list.

Pass/fail notification will arrive within 24 hours, along with a certificate of completion for passing grades.

Visit the Great River Energy Registration Portal and follow the simple steps below to become certified.

The Quality Install Certification Process

1. Visit the Great River Energy Registration Portal.
2. Click on “New Trade Partner”.
3. After completing the basic business registration you will receive a log-in I.D. and password at the e-mail address you provided.
4. Enter your e-mail address and Federal or State Tax I.D. Number.
5. Select at least one (up to three) cooperatives from the service list.
6. After registering, you will receive an e-mail within 24 hours with instructions to access the assessment.

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