Trade Ally Incentive Program

Referral Points:

Contractors that call to enroll the member on our EnergyWise® programs and place an order for the equipment will earn points toward trade ally rewards. See our full Trade Ally Overview sheet for complete details.

Cycled Air Conditioning (Central Air Unit)25 points
Peak Shave Water Heating25 points
Stored Water Heating50 points
Dual Fuel Heating50 points
Cycled Air Conditioning (Air Source Heat Pump/Ground Source Heat Pump)75 points
ChargeWise Program (Electric Vehicle Charging)100 points
Interruptible Program (formerly Generator Program)100 points
"Ask Me About Stearns Electric Rebates" Fleet Stickers (One-Time Only)100 points

Checkout Points: 50 additional points for each system checked out within two weeks of the EnergyWise equipment leaving the Stearns Electric office.

Bonus Points: During promotion periods Stearns Electric may add additional points for specific programs or equipment. For example, you might see an additional 25 points for Air Source Heat Pumps installed on EnergyWise Programs during a summer cooling promotion timeframe.

11002 - $50 Best Buy Gift Cards ($100 Value)
22502 - $125 Home Depot Gift Cards ($250 Value)
34004 - $100 Menardds Gift Cards ($400 Value)
45502 - $275 Scheels Gift Cards ($550 Value)
57002 - $350 VISA Gift Cards ($700 Value)
6800+2- $500 VISA Gift Cards ($1,000 Value)

For Questions Contact:

Stearns Electric Trade Ally Program Coordinator
Phone: (800) 962-0655
Fax: (320) 363-4631