12 Days of Energy Efficiency

December 13, 2021

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, tips for energy efficiency?! We are officially 12 days ahead of Christmas and even though many of us are using more energy this month with lights, decorations, gatherings, cooking, etc. there are still ways that you can use that energy more efficiently.

  1. Deck the halls with LED holiday lights. Use energy-saving LED lights to decorate your home.
  2. Use a timer to turn off holiday lights at night when you’re sleeping. One of the best ways to save energy during the holiday season is using a timer to control your holiday lighting.
  3. Lower the thermostat when guests arrive. Having friends and family over? The additional people in your house will create more warmth, so go ahead and lower that thermostat.
  4. Close the fireplace damper when a fire is not burning. Close your damper if a fire isn’t burning and keep cold outdoor air where it belongs.
  5. Ask Santa for a smart or programmable thermostat to save energy. You’ve been really good this year, so you deserve a fancy new thermostat that also saves energy.
  6. Heading out of town? Unplug appliances and electronics. Don’t forget to unplug appliances and electronics that consume energy when not in use (aka energy vampires) before you leave town.
  7. Gifting new electronics, gadgets or appliances? Look for the ENERGY STAR® logo. Give the gift of efficiency with ENERGY STAR®-rated electronics this year!
  8. Keep the winter chill outdoors by sealing air leaks around your home. Use weather stripping and caulk to seal leaks around the house. Your cold-natured family members (and energy bills) will thank you!
  9. Open blinds and curtains during the day to let natural sunlight warm your home. Let the sunshine in! Natural sunlight can add plenty of warmth to your home on cold days.
  10. Consider rechargeable batteries and chargers. They make great stocking stuffers! Rechargeable batteries and chargers are environmentally friendly and great last-minute stocking stuffers.
  11. Cooking a holiday feast? Use the oven light to check the progress of your dish. If possible, don’t open the oven door to check the progress of your dish. Use the oven light instead.
  12. When your holiday tree is lit, turn off lamps and enjoy the cozy ambiance. When your tree lights are on, turn other lights off to save energy and create a magical holiday ambiance.

That wraps up our 12 days of energy efficiency. Enjoy your holidays AND your energy savings this season!