More Comes with Membership

August 6, 2021

You might think of Stearns Electric Association as just the local electric utility, but because of you and your neighbors, we are able to be so much more.

Electric cooperatives are community-focused organizations that work to deliver affordable, reliable and sustainable energy across the entire membership. We’re led by members like you, created by and for the communities we serve. We’re as unique as the communities that helped shape us, and we’ve made changes over time to reflect the ways those communities have grown and evolved. Learn more about our community involvement.

Unlike utilities that are owned by investors or municipalities, cooperatives like Stearns Electric are democratic organizations guided by their members who actively participate in setting policies and making decisions. The elected representatives, known as the Board of Directors, are often your neighbors, colleagues and friends. They make themselves available for you to share thoughts and ideas with, which helps them determine what is in the best interest of the whole membership.

With democratic control also comes the ability to have your voice heard by casting a ballot Stearns Electric’s Annual Meeting, which takes place every spring. During the meeting, you can vote for your preferred board representatives. Annual meetings are also an opportunity to learn more about how your electric cooperative has impacted the local community over the past year. Stay tuned to Power Connection later this year for more information on the 2022 election in districts 2, 3 and 6.

We also serve as a trusted source for any questions you might have related to your home, business or farm energy needs. We are here to offer advice, direct you to rebates and ways to save on your electric bill, and provide tips on energy efficiency.

It’s all part of the cooperative spirit that has always been one of the best aspects about living in our community: neighbors looking out for neighbors and people working for the common good. We are stronger and better for it. The power of community is what being an electric cooperative is all about.