Power That Persists: 85 Years of Service

January 26, 2022

This year is an exciting year for Stearns Electric Association – the Cooperative celebrates its 85th anniversary.

In 1937, local farmers founded Stearns Electric to bring electricity to rural areas of Central Minnesota. It took several years for electric lines to be built, but some members still remember the day they received electricity at their homes and farms.

For the last 85 years, the Cooperative has proudly powered our local communities and member-consumers. The electric utility industry is ever-changing and things look much different in 2022 than they did in 1937. However, our core values and purposes remain the same:

  • Dedicated service to our member-consumers; our number one purpose is, and always has been, to provide reliable electricity to Cooperative members throughout Central Minnesota.
  • For the members, by the members. This includes being led by member-consumers from each Cooperative district, who are elected to the Co-op’s Board of Directors by the members in each district.
  • Meaningful community involvement. Our Co-op and employees give back to the communities that we serve to positively impact the future of Central Minnesota.

Throughout 2022, we plan to share a series of feature stories highlighting the ways Stearns Electric has adjusted its business practices over time to continue fulfilling our mission of safely providing reliable, affordable energy to our members. Additionally, we will provide a commemorative gift in conjunction with our Annual Meeting in April.

We hope you enjoy a look back at our history and help us celebrate throughout the year!