ChargeWise – An Electric Vehicle Program

They may be few in number now, but electric vehicles (EVs) are arriving in our area. Electric vehicle owners can save money every time they charge their car with Stearns Electric’s ChargeWise program.

What is the ChargeWise program?

ChargeWise is a voluntary program offered by Stearns Electric for qualified members who own or lease an electric vehicle. The program allows members to charge their electric vehicle at home during the off-peak hours of 11:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. Members simply plug in their vehicle in the evening and their vehicle is charged during these overnight hours at a reduced rate. They wake up to a fully-charged electric vehicle that is ready to run for the day!

How does the ChargeWise program save money?

Charging electric vehicles during off-peak times, when market prices are low, allows electric cooperative to provide low-cost electricity to ChargeWise participants. Stearns Electric supports the growing electric vehicle market and wants to work with members who purchase an EV to make sure you get the most affordable rate to meet your charging needs.

What is off-peak electricity?

The ChargeWise rate offers members the lowest cost off-peak electricity rate for charging an electric vehicle, but the hours available are restrictive. Electricity for charging your electric vehicle is only available during off-peak hours. This option requires a separate metered circuit installed.

Who can participate?

To qualify for the ChargeWise program, you must be a Stearns Electric member-consumer and own or lease an electric vehicle. Stearns Electric also has programs for electric golf carts and forklifts.

How much will ChargeWise cost?

We will provide the meter and load control receiver for free. Total cost of installation varies depending on current electrical design, code requirements and charging options you choose, among other factors, and can be determined by your electrical contractor.

Rebates Available

Installing an electric vehicle charger? Visit our EnergyWise Rebate page for information on rebates you may qualify for.

EnergyWise Rebates

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