Great River Energy

  • CEO’s Message – December 2021

    Power Supply and System Reliability
    As we move into another Minnesota winter, I want to discuss Stearns Electric Association’s energy resources and electrical…

  • The Evolution of Electricity

    December 6, 2021

    The power supply mix that brings electricity to your home, business or farm has evolved. Coal-fired power plants — once…

  • CEO’s Message – September 2021

    Future Focus: Strategy and Planning
    Every three years, the Stearns Electric Board of Directors, alongside the Cooperative’s Executive and Management teams, create a…

  • How the Grid Works

    September 10, 2021


    Whenever you flip a switch, plug in your phone or open your refrigerator,…

  • Member Spotlight: Hemker Park & Zoo

    August 27, 2021

    Tucked back in the woods outside of Freeport lays one of Central Minnesota’s best kept secrets – Hemker Park &…

  • CEO’s Message – August 2021

    Power Supply Transformation Continues
    Great River Energy (GRE), Stearns Electric Association’s wholesale power provider, recently announced an agreement to sell Coal Creek Station…

  • CEO’s Message – July 2021

    Minnesota Passes Eco Act: New Law Demonstrates that Smart Electrification Benefits Consumers, the Environment
    A bill led by electric cooperatives to modernize and…

  • Hot Weather can Stress the Electric Grid, But Co-ops Have a Plan

    June 3, 2021

    Minnesotans experience weather in extremes oftentimes on a recurring cycle — from deep freezes to big melts to heat waves…

  • Crews Work Quickly, Safely When Storms Occur

    April 9, 2021

    Safely delivering reliable, consistent electricity to our members is our mission at Stearns Electric Association. But when spring and summer…